Harlequin Proprietor – Mike Davey

Harlequin Photography has been serving the Schools and Academies of Cornwall for over a decade.

Professional Photographer Mike Davey acquired Harlequin in November 2017. Since then the business has achieved significant growth. Both in the number of schools and heads processed per annum as well as the financial investment in high end printing solutions.

The ethos at Harlequin is very simple, we provide a high quality and fair service. After all we are parents too! After analysing the market it’s fair to say that some of our competitors provide too many confusing options, often forcing parents to spend more than they want just to get what they perceive as value, we do things differently! Our proof cards are simple and unambiguous, our packages typically contain more products which are larger in size and we can offer up to a forty percent saving. Whats more we only supply prints in frame-ready sizes and all of our prints packs are supplied to you fully assembled.

If you think that your school or academy could benefit from working with Harlequin please contact us to discuss your requirements.