Classes & Teams

Harlequin Class & Team Vistas are created by stitching a series of images together to make one large panoramic final image. The Staff & Children are shot in small groups of typically of 1-6, all of the images are edited and re-touched before being combined in post-production. The final prints can be annotated with your School, Class and Year.

One significant advantage of the contemporary Vista image is for KS1 children as seen above. As photographers we can focus on getting that one perfect shot of a small group of children before moving on to the next and delivering that perfect final image of the entire class.

For our Sports & Team Vista images we give the Children autonomy (within reason) to appear in the image how they want. This allows their individual personalities to shine through and makes for a more fun and interesting final image.

  • Vistas are delivered in a print size of 15″x5″ and the Strut Mount is included Free of Charge.
If you would like to consider working with Harlequin, please contact us.